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St Lawrence Society celebrates Trump's Inauguration

Friday, January 20, 2017 9:27 PM | Patricia Kerr (Administrator)

GREENWICH — The celebration over the inauguration of new PresidentDonald Trump wasn’t limited to Washington D.C.

On Friday night, Greenwich residents were ready to party.

A crowd of 65 had reserved a spot at the St. Lawrence Club in Cos Cob for a celebration of the new president. Red, white and blue bunting was up, lawn signs for Trump were on proud display and Fox News played on TV.

A cardboard cutout of the new president had pride of place to partygoers, who were treated to a dinner of prime rib and special patriotic cocktails.

“It is amazing that Donald Trump won, and now we get to officially celebrate his win,” Linda Moshier, a longtime Greenwich Republican and volunteer at the club, said as she worked the door. “We celebrated a lot on Election Day, but tonight we are celebrating him finally being president. It’s wonderful to have so many people here. We have a wonderful group, and they all love to have a good time.”

The inauguration party was the brainchild of Fred DeCaro III. The town’s Republican registrar of voters and passionate fan of former President Ronald Reagan said he has been watching inaugurations from both parties for decades, ever since he has been politically active, because “every American should be witnessing history.”

“I thought it was important that we get together and celebrate,” DeCaro said. “I’m really glad we could make this come to fruition.

“For me, there’s a real sense of optimism and excitement,” he said. “Now the time for talk is over, and it’s important now that he take some action to improve aspects of the country.”

Selectman John Toner stopped by, as did Tony DeVita, wearing his official Trump “Make America Great Again” baseball cap.

“Trump is my man,” DeVita said. “For the last year and a half, I’ve been praying for him to win. ... I wanted him in because he’s never been a politician. He was in construction. That means he’s honest. We need new blood. We need honest people in Washington.”

St. Lawrence Society President Tod Laudonia said the party was meant to be fun for the whole community. The 95-year-old society has become more of a community organization in recent years. Last December, it formally changed its bylaws to eliminate requirements that members be Italian and Catholic.

“Everybody’s happy to be here because everyone is always looking for a party, and we like having fun here in Cos Cob,” Laudonia said. “It’s great to have a change of administration too. So we’re celebrating.”

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